About David MacDonald

I currently practice at our family healing center: Sanctity. The website for Sanctity is: www.sanctitycenter.com

I first experienced Rolfing in 1973, at the age of 23 years.

As a former athlete with a Scottish record in the hundred yards, along with a knee injury from rugby, I was immediately astounded by the results of that first session. Not only did my body perform better, but the Rolfing experience ignited a journey of discovery into bodywork and healing sciences.

I received the standard 10 sessions. With every session, I recognized the potency of the work. I realized that it was clearing old patterns on every level, kindling something new within.

I finally completed my certification in 1987, and advanced training in 1990.

I realized my first session led me here!

Dr. Ida P Rolf Ph. D. was a biochemist and female pioneer who in 1920 introduced concepts that framed the development of her work. Dr. Rolf realized that “gravity is the therapist”.

The work of integrating the human structure had to be named. She reluctantly chose “ Rolfing “.

Profoundly scientific, Rolfing embraced principles from yoga to geometry and biophysics. Yet perhaps equally important was Dr. Rolf’s line of inquiry:

What is potential within the individual when we remove historical restrictions in the connective tissues, and align the individual energy field within the universal field of gravity?

A wide range of information can be found on the website of the Rolf Institute, the first of very few schools which accredit her work : www.rolf.org

Each Rolfer, or Rolf Practitioner, is unique. All Rolfer’s share the common background of Dr. Rolf’s 10 session process as the foundation their work. But, it is also important to resonate with the unique style of your chosen practitioner.

I offer complimentary consultations, by phone or in person .

Many clients have physical issues, many want to enhance their athletic / yoga practice. Many more recognize that Rolfing can liberate old patterns of belief and emotion, and catalyze profound positive emergence..

The first session is available to allow you to experience the work and decide if it is right for you.

The 10 session series is an option.

I suggest that you phone with questions so that we can discuss your unique situation.