Readings and Frequency Healings

Readings and Frequency Healings

We all recognize when we are in the Flow of Life: we feel connected, feelings flow from one moment to the next, our intuition is on point, and benevolent synchronicities unfold.

The Flow can be interrupted in many ways: fear, anxiety, old patterns programming and beliefs.

If we cannot Self-regulate through prayer, meditation, sleep, food, water, exercise and being in Nature – it is probably time to seek assistance.

I have delivered  “Readings and Frequency Healings” in some format since 1975, and incorporate these in my Rolfing sessions.

I am now offering them long
distance via phone or Skype.


These sessions are governed by your questions; the more specific the better, but generic is fine!

I connect with your “Soul
Self” and deliver the information from that aspect of who you truly are.

When we complete the information phase, you receive a frequency transmission which establishes a new template.  We utilize The Stargate, a profound consciousness dynamic. This is done in silent meditation.

For complete information on Stargate and free meditations:

“It is time for humanity to know what only the Masters have known. It is time for you to realize your Super Consciousness”.   Alcazar

Allow one hour, and be in a space where you can relax, be receptive and un-disturbed.

The regular fee is $150.00. reduced to $120.00, payable by PayPal to

Email or text to 775 843 5531