Attunements are pulses and waves of light from source. They are broadcast in a multitude of ways.

They are information, not to be understood nor translated, but to be experienced: often received as patterns of light and geometry, in much the same way plants receive from the sun, which becomes photosynthesis.

We absorb these frequencies as the language of light, to which we innately respond by an evolution of consciousness, and expansion of awareness.

This process requires only our intention to match the intention from source, and surrender to that which does not vibrate at the same level.

We are, have been, and will be in an accelerated phase. The potential for humanity to awaken has never been more accessible; similar to the perfect spring time, when all the factors of light , moisture and soil combine to promote growth.

All humanity is exposed, but not all choose to receive in the same way.

However, for the many we would refer to as

light-bearers, ones who have awakened to the reality that they are vastly more than this physical incarnation, there is the process, accelerating, surrendering and discarding all which is false, which is not vibrating at these new frequencies.

When we recognize that this is an innate pattern, it is a natural progression; much like a plant pushing through the soil, deeply trusting the process of our own unique development.

This process induces change-

How you relate to everything shifts.

It is guided –by your intuition-

It is the flow of your intuition, connected to the divine orchestration which is being transmitted to you constantly.

Your willingness to receive the transmissions of light, indeed your invitation, allows such receptivity in your high energy centers: the chakras four through seven and beyond.

This willingness also allows the full embrace of your human experience.

When the relationships of the energy centers are balanced, there is the experience of flow. When you bring awareness to the human aspects of the lower centers, you can respond,-rather than react to- fear, impulsivity, and control.

In my current format I use a distillation of processes refined over 30 years.

The environment is safe, and comfortable to share individual experiences and challenges.

We also include the Stargate, a consciousness tool which vibrates a range of multidimensional frequencies.

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